TOMSIK•TOMSIK ARCHITECTS/PLANNERS, LTD. is an accomplished firm whose experience has been accumulating since 1954.  The originating foundation, combined with the influx of innovation, has made this firm adaptable to the demands of today's changing architecture.  Necessary to today's designs is the capability of the Architect to probe, research, analyze and function as coordinator of the various fields of input pertinent to the project.  This firm believes in design through active participation which culminates in a satisfying experience for both client and Architect.  The expertise of this firm will carry the project from planning through construction, utilizing, as necessary, the finest engineering and consulting firms available.

We are individuals who are dedicated to working as a team, which we feel is necessary to solve the complex problems of today's technology.  Good design is created by collaborative unity, not by the sole proverbial prima donna.  Input from outside consultants is vital to our philosophy and is preferred to in-house engineering disciplines.  The use of these consultants is a good check-and-balance through the integration of various expertise and methods of innovation by the exposure to many other projects as compared to routine “catalog” engineering and design.

John Lipaj founded the firm, John F. Lipaj & Associates/Architect, in 1954.  In 1967, the firm became a partnership known as Lipaj, Woyar & Tomsik Architects.  In 1977 Peter Woyar retired, which resulted in the partnership of Lipaj•Tomsik Architects/Planners.  John Lipaj retired in 1997, and now the firm is a partnership of father and son:  Thomas and T. Michael.

Current partners, Thomas E. Tomsik and T. Michael Tomsik together carry on the tradition of quality design and personal service.  The Tomsiks are the principals and concept designers who will be personally working on the execution of the proposed projects.  Our practice of pursuing only those commissions which can be personally under our control has borne for this office many repeat clients.

Through the years our practical experience includes health care, public and parochial educational buildings, colleges and universities, civic buildings, religious, recreational, commercial projects with restaurants, malls, retail stores, banks, offices, townhouses, condominiums and various other projects which have enhanced our overall project list.

Our firm does not discriminate in employment because of color, race, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or ancestry.